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To obtain a real estate salesperson license, you must first qualify for and pass a written examination. Those who pass the examination are provided a license application which must be submitted to and approved by the DRE. This license is required of individuals who conduct licensed real estate activities as described in the Real Estate Law under the supervision of a licensed broker. A license may also be obtained by a person who does not immediately intend to be employed by a broker. However, a salesperson without an employing broker may not perform acts requiring a real estate license. 

Real Estate Salesperson License

General Requirements

  • Age: You must be 18 years of age or older to be licensed.
  • Residence: Proof of Legal Presence in the United States is required. If you are not a California resident, see Out-of-State Applicants at
  • Honesty: Applicants must be honest and truthful. Conviction of a crime may result in the denial of a license. Failure to disclose any criminal violation or disciplinary action in an applicant's entire history may also result in the denial of a license. For further information, see

    Course Requirements

    Successful completion of three college level courses is required to qualify for a real estate salesperson examination:

Real Estate Principles , and

Real Estate Practice , and

One course from the following list

Property Management
Real Estate Office Administration
General Accounting
Business Law
Computer Applications in Real Estate

*All marked courses are offered by StudyLicense Real Estate School.

Note: Members of the bar of any state in the United States or graduates of law schools recognized by the California State Bar will generally qualify on the basis of their education, and as such are exempt from the college-level course requirements. Evidence of admission to practice law, such as a photocopy of both sides of a current State Bar membership card, or of an LL.B. or J.D. Degree should accompany the application.

Also, applicants who submit evidence of having completed the eight statutory college-level courses required for the broker examination and license are eligible to take the salesperson examination without submitting further evidence of experience or education.

Courses must be three semester-units or four quarter-units at the college level. Courses must be completed at an institution of higher learning accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or by a comparable regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, or by a private real estate school which has had its courses approved by the California Real Estate Commissioner.

Courses completed through foreign institutions of higher learning must be evaluated by a foreign credentials evaluation service approved by the Department of Real Estate (please contact the DRE).

StudyLicense Real Estate School courses are approved by the Department of Real Estate. We issue our students official course completion certificates.

Copies of official transcripts are generally acceptable evidence of completed courses. Transcripts of equivalent courses submitted as substitutes for the college-level courses listed above must be supported by an official course or catalog description in order to be evaluated for equivalency.*

      Examination and License Fees Adjust on July 1, 2009 Requirements

     For the past five years, the Department has maintained fees at the same levels as those charged in 1982. Despite having taken steps to achieve functional efficiencies and reduce expenditures, the Department must now adjust fees to fund its operational needs. Effective July 1, 2009, the Department of Real Estate will implement fee changes which will    adjust fees for the real estate license examination, original real estate license, and real estate license renewals. The adjusted fees will be applied to all examination applications and original license applications submitted to DRE on or after July 1, 2009. With respect to on-time renewal applications, the license expiration date determines the renewal fee charged. In this regard, licenses expiring before June 30, 2009, will be subject to the current fee as long as the renewal application is filed on-time. Licenses expiring on or after June 30, 2009, will have an effective renewal date of July 1, 2009, or later and will be subject to the new fee. All renewal applications filed on a late basis on or after July 1, 2009, will be subject to the new late renewal fee. Please visit to obtain new fees.


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