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What is included in the course?

  • Course textbook and StudyLicense course instructions
  • Anytime Online Final Exam
  • StudyLicense Course Completion Certificate
  • Customer Service

The StudyLicense Method:

  • Course materials will arrive via U.S. mail
  • Study in the comfort of your own home
  • When prepared, complete the open-book online final exam AVAILABLE ANYTIME
  • Print out your course completion certificate online or we will mail it to you

What courses do I need to take in order to change my Salesperson License's status from conditional to unconditional?

Within 18 months of your conditional license issuance date, you must complete the Real Estate Practice * course and one other course from the following list:

Real Estate Appraisal*
Property Management
Real Estate Finance*
Real Estate Economics*
Legal Aspects of Real Estate*
Real Estate Office Administration
General Accounting
Business Law
Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending*
Computer Applications in Real Estate
Common Interest Developments*

This completion of this requirement allows you to change your license from the conditional one to the regular salesperson license.

* Our school offers these courses. To enroll click on Salesperson License page and choose two required courses.

How would I benefit from distanced education?

You are able to study at your own pace and privacy. Many people benefit from distanced education because of their busy schedules and family obligations. Also, it is beneficial if you are located far away from a major university or campus. With distanced education you have 24-hour access to learning.

What is the difference between other schools' online courses and Study License's correspondence courses?

Online courses offer students material to read online. We believe that it is difficult to read large amounts of material online. It is easier and more practical to read from a regular hard-copy textbook. That is why we send you a textbook. You may carry it anywhere and read it in the comfort of your office, home, or at a coffee shop. When you are ready, take our exam anytime you please. This way we combine the best features of online technology and traditional learning. Additionally, you will keep the textbook and that can be helpful when you review for the state exam .

How much time on average should I spend studying one course?

To successfully complete our course you should expect to study at least 45 hours at home. The Department of Real Estate regulations prohibit taking the final exam until 18 days after you receive your textbook. Then you may login to our website and take the final exam.

What is the earliest time when I can take my final exam?

After you enroll, we will ship you a textbook within three days. After you receive your textbook, you have minimum18 days to study for the final exam. Our computer-automated system will enable you to login to your final exam right after your 18-days restriction has expired.

Is there a deadline to take the examination?

If you do not take your final exam within 6 months of your enrollment, your opportunity to take the exam will expire. We can extend your enrollment period for three months for a $25.00 fee; if you do not take the final exam within this period, you will lose your opportunity to take it.

When do I get my course completion certificate?

After your final exam successfully, you will instantly be issued a certificate which you can print online. If you do not have a printer you may save the certificate in your profile. The save option allows you to login in our homepage and print your certificate when it is convenient for you. We can also mail your certificate to you.

If I take and pass your courses, will I receive D.R.E. credit?

As all of our courses are approved by the D.R.E., you will be able to receive D.R.E. credit if you pass the course. Your credits will allow you to satisfy your educational requirements and you will be on your way to take the state Salesperson or Broker exam.

What do I do after I've completed your course?

Successful completion of our course means passing our online open-book final exam. Once you pass the final exam, you will be able to print your certificate online. You must present this certificate to the D.R.E. as evidence that you satisfied your educational requirements. You will then be ready to take the state exam. For more information, click here:

Why do I need a username and password? What happens if I forget it?

You need your username and password when you are ready to take our final exam online. You will login on our homepage and the system will identify you as a student who registered, paid for the course, and met the 18 days waiting requirement. Then it will take you to our testing web page.

Most students use their e-mail address as their password because it is easier to remember, but you may contact the School if you forget your password.

What is the price per course?

Each course has an all-inclusive price, which covers the cost of the course, textbook, technical support, service charges, and completion certificates. The price per each course is from $59 to $85, plus $7 shipping and plus tax. There are no hidden fees.

What If I fail the final exam?

If you failed your exam, you can re-take this examination after 18 days, pursuant to D.R.E. regulations.

What courses does StudyLicense Real Estate School offer?

StudyLicense Real Estate School offers Real Estate statutory courses. At this time we offer the following eight pre-licensing courses:

Real Estate Principles
Real Estate Practice
Real Estate Economics
Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Finance
Legal Aspects of Real Estate
Common Interest Development
Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending

To learn more about our courses go to the Course Descriptions page.

What does the Final Exam consist of?

The final exam is online and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions . Each question is based on the textbook material furnished to the student. The final exam is open book and the time allotted is 2.5 hours. Upon expiration of this time the final exam will be graded as-is. The results of each student's final exam will be available on the Internet after completion.

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