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California Salesperson License
A Real Estate Salesperson, “Real Estate Agent” or “Realtor” is an individual who represents a buyer or a seller in real estate transactions in exchange for a commission. Real estate agents must have a state license in order to engage in buying or selling real estate property for clients.
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You can obtain a salesperson certified license after completion of our program, which consists of required and elective courses (total three courses), and passing the state salesperson exam. All courses include the required textbooks and final exams online. Some of the required courses can be waived depending on your educational or professional background. Before applying you should make sure that you meet DRE requirements. All courses are DRE approved.
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California State Approved Course
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Min Completion Time
Required Courses    
Real Estate Principles 45 18 days
Real Estate Practice 45 18 days
Elective Courses
One course from the following list:  
Real Estate Appraisal 45 18 days
Real Estate Finance 45 18 days
Real Estate Economics 45 18 days
Legal Aspects of Real Estate 45 18 days
Common Interest Developments 45 18 days

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